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By Fitz Law Group 26 Sep, 2017
Tierney Darden, age 26, was awarded $148 million after a Chicago jury deliberated for less than a day on her case. Darden sustained catastrophic injuries when a shelter collapsed outside of O’Hare Airport. Darden had her spine ripped in half during the accident, which left her in constant pain and paralyzed her permanently from the waist down.
By Fitz Law Group 21 Jul, 2017
We live in a society that is addicted to their cellphones and smartphones and people can be a little obsessed with staying “connected.” According to The National Safety Council, there is an epidemic of distracted driving that is directly related to drivers utilizing technological devices. Although most people are aware that distracted driving is a problem, most do not understand how big of a problem it is and how many auto accidents are the result of it.
By Fitz Law Group 22 Jun, 2017
HCR ManorCare, one of the largest chains of nursing homes has encountered serious problems, since they are being let go by Carlyle Group, a private equity firm that has maintained ownership of the company for the last decade, according to the New York Post. Carlyle Group, a firm based in Washington, D.C., has already sold off almost all of the real estate that is associated with HCR ManorCare.
By Fitz Law Group 21 Apr, 2017

It is overwhelming to be a parent, because there are so many different options for infant products out there and it can be challenging to determine which products are going to keep your child safe. Parents need to know that when they put their child in their crib, stroller or carrier that the product has been designed to keep children safe. Unfortunately, NPR conducted a study recently that suggested, “Baby injuries associated with nursery products like carriers, strollers, and cribs are on the rise.”

So the question becomes, how often are children suffering injuries from infant products that are dangerous? The study looked at the years 2003-2011 and found that there was a 23.7% increase in the amount of child injuries that are associated with nursery products. Researchers found that “the vast majority of these injuries were to the head, neck or face.”

Approximately 80% of the injuries were the result of a fall. These falls are the result of accidents such as a baby carrier falling off of surface because of poor traction, or the baby moving, which causes the carrier to tip over. Injuries also result from children falling down the stairs in a walker or a child trying to climb out of their crib and falling.

Jerri Rose, a Case Western Reserve University Medical School assistant professor of pediatric medicine said, “When kids fall, they tend to fall headfirst.” Because of this, many falls cause the child to suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Rose also stated, “Babies have such large heads and so little control of their bodies, so in young children we often see injuries to their head and neck area.”

A big question is why there is an increase in infant injuries that are associated with nursery products. Rose, alone with other authors of the study do not have a straight-forward answer, but a few theories are that doctors are now identifying more brain injuries that were overlooked before or that that nowadays, more nursery products are being sold, so more babies are suffering injuries from those products.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics, and it contained several statistics regarding infant products and child injuries:

  • 6% of the injuries involved infant cribs or mattresses
  • 5% of the injuries involved strollers
  • 5% of the injuries involved baby carriers
  • 2% of the injuries were linked to walkers, jumpers, or exercisers

In order for parents to reduce the risk of their child suffering an injury related to a nursey product, it is a good idea to check for recalls on products and always monitor your children closely when using the products. If your child has suffered an injury that was caused by a dangerous or defective product, contact us for a Free Consultation with a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer.

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By Fitz Law Group 02 Mar, 2017
Towards the end of 2016, the media started to shed light on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone. The phone was released in August of 2016 and by the beginning of October, there were many reports of exploding phones, which resulted in Samsung telling anyone who had purchased a phone to immediately turn off their phone and send it back for a full refund or to replace it with another model. Samsung stopped all sales of the phone until they could figure out what was causing the phones to explode and catch fire.
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